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Job Success Score Dropped for Seemingly No Reason

My job success score has decreased from 100% to 97% despite having nothing but 5 star reviews from all 14 of my Upwork contracts.


I read that private feedback could decrease the score but if that's the case, I need to understand how I can receive a flawless 5 star review publically and still drop in success score based on something a client said privately.


That makes zero sense and I can't see the client saying anything negative about our most recent project as it was super short and sweet.


I think this is a mistake.


Please help me restore my score as I've read through all the Help articles on this subject and still can't figure out why my score would have dropped.


My profile: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~010c615082a8ac1bc5?viewMode=1

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It's not a mistake. It's a completely automated calculation that is the same for everybody. 

97% is not bad. Maybe one client, or two, rated you 9/10 and not 10/10. Maybe they were not perfectly happy. 

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They rated me 5/5.

I was talking about the private feedback, not the public stars, those have little effect on the calculation. 

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Many freelancers have flawless 5-star reviews but less than 100% JSS (me, for example). The average star rating for all freelancers is 4.9, so it's not a meaningful tool to help clients make hiring decisions, that's why Upwork implemented the private feedback system. But a 97% score is excellent, and I think that you're putting too much pressure on yourself if you expect perfect marks from all of your clients.

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