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Job discription change automatically when view that job.

I just notice one thing on a recent job posting.

When I check the job description on the feed that time shows "WordPress Site Customization"

When I enter the job than shows "Retype PDF document into MS words."

Please review the attached screenshot for more clarification about the issue. I have also recorded video but there are validation for video uplodation.

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Interesting. When you go back, there is still the old job title? It would be new to me that a client can have two job titles. If this is a feature - having two job titles - it's clear why this client is using it, this is just a bait-and-switch, since all typing pdf to word jobs are scams. 

When you go back, there is still the old job title?


since all typing pdf to word jobs are scams. That's absolutely true.

If you want a video for this. Just let me know your email address. Will share it with you.

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No thanks, I believe you. 

I hope a moderator will clear this up - is this a new function or an old function I didn't know?

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That's strange. Maybe it's just a one-off glitch. It wouldn't help the scammer to pretend the job is for web development and then say it's just typing.

I guess they would get a few clicks more, but to what end - the freelancer will know at that point that it's a scam, one second later. 


Hi Jaimish,


Thank you for your message. I shared your report with our team and one of our agents will reach out to you using a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your support tickets here .


Thank you,


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Ignor this type of job, people post job but this type of job fake. so never apply to loss your connects . 

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