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Job postings by inactive employers need to be hidden

I don't know what everyone else's proposals look like.  I did research on how to create a proposal that actually gets accepted here on UpWork.  The research suggested I outline the steps I would take if selected for the project.  The type of work I do is very complex; steps can't be quickly summed up-even if I keep it very general.  Thus I put a great deal of time and energy into my proposals.

Browsing jobs I often see employers who've posted their ad several weeks ago and the site says the person hasn't even been active on the site for several days or even weeks!  What is UpWork doing to ensure the people posting jobs are ACTUALLY hiring?  I think there should be a requirement that if you're going to post a job on here, you should have to log on regularly to prove you're actually looking through the offers people are taking their time and energy to submit.  It's ridiculous!

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When someone goes into a store, are they required to buy something just because they're browsing around? Of course not.


Similarly, a client isn't required to hire someone just because they posted a job. Not hiring anyone could happen for any number of reasons. They could have found a suitable candidate elsewhere, none of the proposals were what they wanted, the job is no longer needed, etc. And they very well could be simply "kicking the tires." But to require them to "prove" they're going over the offers they get will only drive clients away from the platform.


The absolute best thing you can do when submitting a proposal is


1. Make said proposal the best you can make it.

2. Forget about it entirely unless a client contacts you.


Once you start fretting over whether or not a proposal is being looked at, you start down the road to stress and burning out.

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Yup I see the same.
5 job posting and 0 hires.
I dont apply to them, i just move on.

If I had to think, I would guess that these are post made my freelancers themselves to scale the market. 

When you are reading a job post take a look at the "about the client" information on the right and check the hire rate. That will tell you if that client actually hires people or not. Besides, if you check the client's history you can see how much time ago that client posted a job.

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I understand the original poster's frustration.

But I'm not really a supporter of imposing additional requirements on clients.


So requiring clients to log on regularly?

I don't think Upwork will impose such a requirement, and I would prefer that they don't.

It doesn't matter. The person who started this forum thread is about to close her Upwork account.




"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless

Rene K wrote:

It doesn't matter. The person who started this forum thread is about to close her Upwork account.

LOL, she has written some posts with screams, complaints, tantrums and threatening to close the account.
I do not know if it's because it's a weekend and everything is slower, but your account is still active.

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