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Leaving feedback for both clients and freelancers

I had a client in which I had a bad experience with and he left me negative feedback. However, during the course of the job he was very difficult to work with and didn't give me enough support to complete the job satisfactorily.


I didn't leave him feedback because I was busy and had other things to do before the 14 days expired. It got me to thinking, though - how does negative feedback affect both client and freelancer? Is there any way to erase it, or to add comments? Currently people can only see my negative review, but don't see the other side of the story - i.e that I was trying hard to fulfill my client's request but that the other party was uncommunicative and not helpful.


Is that the limit of the current feedback system? 

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Hello Tai, I'm sorry for the bad experience you had with that contract!


AFAIK, you cannot leave feedback or respond to the client's feedback (which gets shown on your profile) after the 14 days period. However, if you're a Top Rated freelancer (I can't see your profile as it's not public), you can indeed remove/hide the feedback of a certain contract. This still has some limitations though. For example:

- You must be a Top Rated freelancer/agency.

- You will not be able to remove another feedback for the following 3 months and until you complete 10 more contracts.


You can read this article for more.

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