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Lesson learned. Thanks Upwork!

Ace Contributor

Recently, I report to the support team about a situation where my client asked me to do a dishonest task. I refused that request and decided to inform the support team, I submit to them evidence of such a request, they told me they would study the case. Days later, I received a statement of support team where they congratulated me for having reported such activity and that they would take appropriate action against the client. The client decided to terminate the contract and he put me a negative rating. I thought this negative score would not affect my JJS, but it did. So I wonder, why do I report this situation anyway ?, if the client ruined my reputation, he remained active on the platform and I lost my 100%, now I have 86%.


Thanks Upwork !. Next time I prefer that the client explode me and I just keep quiet. I write this only as an experience for others. Actually, I don't care fix this situation.


@Maria C wrote:

Anyway, how did the client find out? I never knew, but started to suspect that Upwork had sent him the chat transcript,

 Absolutely not. Clients are never sent any chat transcripts of Upwork conversation with a freelancer any more than freelancers are sent chat transcripts of client conversations with Upwork.



Hi Maria, 

I can confirm what Petra has shared - the team's handling account issues, reports, and tickets do not share chat transcripts when users report clients or freelancers for privacy issues.

~ Avery

Good to know. Thanks Avery and Petra.