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Messages not loading in Upwork for my profile.



Today I havent been able to open the messages tab at all. I have tried using my 2 laptops using all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and from my mobile devices either, used the mobile app and desktop app as well and nothing. Please help as i have 3 messages i need to respond to ASAP


I appreciate it your help.


Best regards,


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Try to use alternative internet connection.

I've tried for my android app to use cellular internet connection instead of wi-fi, and it loads messages well. Just now I've tried to connect my desktop via smartphone, and now messages work well on my desktop too.

Tried that and still nothing. I dont know whats going on, im freaking out Smiley Sad

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Michael,


You may want to try troubleshooting tips in this help article. Make sure to check your anti-virus and browser to make sure they are not blocking Upwork Messages.


Let us know if the issue persists.

~ Valeria

I did , and as mentioned above i have tried using the app on my mobile devices, my phone included, and using the internet browsers on my phone as well, so it is not the antivirus. also tried different connections, my phones internet and my home wifi plus different computers. 

It looks like most of problems going from frelancers who are located in Russia. you can find others here: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Freelancers/Unable-to-load-messages/m-p/507437#M308805 and here: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Freelancers/Messages-not-working/m-p/459304#M280822

So.. I guess either Roskomnadzor accidently blocked IP address of messenger service, or ISP blocked IP address. Or probably some ISPs simply loost route. or some other reasons why your ISP can't do it or probably message center blocked IP adresses of your provider. But actually the reason does not make any sense. What make sense - is location. How to solve it - I simply changed my ISP from Rostelecom to Beeline, quite likely this way will not work for you, quite likely this way will not work for me several hours or days later. What should 100% help is to change your ISP for something in neighbour country.

I thought the same, but weird though, since it was working perfectly fine until today morning

Try a VPN app. I'm using Windscribe, works well so far

if this is true that the problem arises for russian users only and it's something about RKN, it's better to change this f... country instead of the provider.

* f... - federative)))

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My messages didn't load about 12 hours, the sentence appears "Unable to load messages".
I can't reply my clients.
Can you help me with this problem?

Hi Maria,


Could you please try using an alternative Internet service provider as others have suggested on this thread? Thanks!

~ Valeria

I have same problem. I found it at 12 July 2018. And i am also from Russia

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Hello Kirill,


Please try to change your ISP (internet service provider), as others have suggested on this thread. If you ever encounter the same problem again, feel free to reach out to us here at any time.


Thank you.


I have downloaded a VPN specifically Express VPN and it works like a charm.

Works perfectly fine and now i can finally read my messages and reply to them. 


It costs $99 for the year but i just paid the $12 for the month to try it out. 

Работает отлично!

In case someone still has this issue:  what helped me was to install beta version of Upwork (this version won't even load because it says "no internet connection" - when I click "check connection", everything shows up okay though).

Then I didn't uninstall this version, but installed the regular version right away. After this, everything worked all of a sudden.

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