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Mobile testing


I have a client that I am working with for a few months.

In the first interview, we spoke only about web testing, nothing was mentioned about mobile apps or mobile testing.


Since the start, the client has developed mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Since I have an iPhone, I have been using that to test the mobile app.

However, as I do not have an Android phone I am not able to test the Android app.


Have you had this case and how I should approach the client?

Ask him to ship me an Android phone or raise my rate and buy an Android phone.



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I would like you to play the viola at my next birthday party.


Obviously that is a silly request. Because you do not play the viola.


No freelancer offers all services.


It is silly for any client to expect any freelancer to do everything for any large project.


If you want to use tools that emulate how a website will appear on various size screens and mobile devices, that is fine.


If you want to offer to test the site on an Android device, and in order to do that, you ask the client to send you an Android mobile phone, that is fine.


If you want to buy an Android device with your own money and put yourself into a better position to test sites as they appear on Android devices, that is fine.


Personally, I would probably just tell the client to have one of the other team members test the site on Android.

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