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My Job Success Score Flowing down to 77%.


I have successfully completed 7 jobs. 6job with 5star rat. only one is 2.5 star for a difficult client. but Today I see my job success score is 77 %.  could anyone please let me know why it's happened? 


thank you

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I have same rating and same thing happened with me i had only one bad review. 

i think private rating system is affecting too much. 

Hi thanks for the reply.

But could you please tell me. What you mean by private rating. I actually don't understand this.

There are two types of reviews one is public which i can see on your profile and the other one is private which your client share only with upwork which is not public. 

I think your client gave you bad private review which affected you very much. 

Public reviews does not affect too much but private review is the game changer. 

Clients give you private review on top of the public stars.  If you only have a few jobs, each job counts more towards your JSS.

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The job success score is unfair and not working in the favor of the freelancer, it calculates things that are outside of the freelancer control such as no feedback left, a job that is lasting too long, lack of payment etc..
At the moment it's a very bad system of score and needs to be changed ASAP.
Only if there is a justification and bad reviews are a constant thing and ONLY after the admins have reviewed the employers complaints  against the freelancer the job success should drop and not otherwise.

Very very true.  And Upwork does not care how unfair it is, or how it misrepresents a freelancer's ratings.  It actually wants to skew the ratings down so scare people off the platform.  They take any ratings that are not 5.0 and that counts against you.  So 4.9 is not considered a success.  We must push back vocally on this until they adjust how the score works and make it more transparent.  It is not as advertised.  They use the narrowest possible definition of "success," and success is more than perfection, so they should call it a perfection score.  Because by just about any standard of success, eligible items are not included.

Upwork needs to be transparent to both clients and freelancers about how this score is calculated and what it represents.  Right now they allow one impression to be held while using terms that are not appropriate.  Job Perfection Score is accurate, but a Job Success score would have to be higher than the current calculations to be accurate and still use the term Success.  Nowhere are success and perfect considered clear synonyms, this is definitionally inaccurate

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Actually 77% is very good considering the hit you took from that 2.5 star.

The JSS is not just an average of all your ratings; low feedback weights a lot more than it might seem.

Concentrate on obtaining more 5* feedback because it could drop even lower, depending on when you got the other 6 good ratings.

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With a 77% score, it is almost impossible to get more work.  So when Gurus tell people who are at such a level to just keep trying, it's adding insult to injury.  I earned for 5 years on this platform and a few flukes dropped me in a few months from Top-Rated (which I had been for a very long time) to 77%.  0 Business since.

Yes, you are right. I applied around 15 jobs and got interview for only 1 job. I did not get any job invite.
Very unfair system.

I'm not saying it should be easy.  It shouldn't.  But new people need to have some sort of way to establish themselves better, and, especially, people who have successfully used the platform for years should not see a massive drop because of a few issues, especially technicalities beyond a freelancer's control.

The way the system currently is, does not work, it is ANTI freelancers who some like myself are paying a monthly premium to be able to apply for jobs.
They need to get rid of the JSS ASAP, star ratings are sufficient together with reviews.

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