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My Stats show i havent responded to an invite when i did

Hi all, so i have received and accepted 3 invites in total(all within the first hour), and i ended up having job contracts with those 3 clients. However, my stats show i have responded 2 out of 3 interviews. Can someone please take a look?
Here's my profile url https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/silienstoneweb

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Mine shows I responded to 2/3 while I responded to all within the hour. This is reducing the responsiveness score.

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Sometimes it just takes a while to update, give it some time and it should sort itself out.

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That's the exact the reason why I don't reply to any invites. Ever.

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Hi Dear,

I have always replied all of my invitations I have received. I check everyday about the stats, Suddenly today I am seeing that I did not replied an Invitations. The invitation even not in my email also. Not even in notifications. If it comes anyhow then one of my 3 signed in mobile phone catch the notification and at least it would stay there even its disappear from the server. Because phone saves the notification stack. 

Even there is no email of invitations that I did not replied. So where is this missing invitation coming from?








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