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My young brother's account got banned

My brother is a Computer Science Student in a third world Country and he worked to develop his skills to be a full stack developer during his academic study , he could get three clients and done their job here in upwork and lived his dream and without any warning upwork decided to ban his account permanently .
he didn't do anything wrong , this is a desperate try for him .
he is very sad now and disappointed .
this can't be fair right ?
i wish someone can help .
it's something bigger than just a ban from a freelancing website .

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They don't ban people for nothing. Either he is not telling you what happened, or you are not telling us. 

He was new to Upwork and he got a message that his account has been suspended and he contacted with the support ,they asked for something official from a bank or any official paper , when he sent it he the support replied that the account had permanent ban without even telling what is wrong !
he had three jobs and completed succesfully and don't even take the money , however the money wasn't that important .
all i'm asking is a solution or someone can tell us what happened.
what should we do ?

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Community Manager

Hi Ahmed,


Unfortunately, we won’t be able to discuss your brother’s account status in the Community.  Please refer him to the information our team has provided in a ticket.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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