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New User here with a general question

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Jennifer S Member Since: Feb 25, 2017
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I submitted my first proposal tonight and I would like to know whether or not the potential client has viewed the proposal. Is that something that I will be made aware of?

Community Guru
Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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No, and you'll make yourself crazy if you give it too much thought. Most clients don't respond at all, while others may take days or weeks before reaching out to you. Just keep reading postings and bidding on jobs you're interested in and don't worry about what's going on with those you've bid on before. The client will either get back to you or not, at some point that may be soon or may be far enough down the road that you don't remember what the job was about.


If a client comes back later and you don't have time for the job anymore because you've accepted something else, that's okay--bidding isn't committing and you can simply decline the offer. It doesn't hurt your ratings in any way to do that. Or, you can tell the client you're still interested but booked through Wednesday (or whatever) and would be happy to take on the job if that timeline works for them.