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New flags for job postings

I've been using oDesk for a little over a year and I really wish there was a way to sort of flag job postings that: (1) Set a high budget ($100+) but the job posting explains the job is actually paying something much, much less, often only $1-2 for hours of work. Sure, sometimes the "potential" to make $500 doing that is there, but the potential is there in the same way there is "potential" for me to make a million dollars, i.e. it would take a very long time past the point of anything meaningful. I find it very misleading since the job posting is not actually for a project paying hundreds of dollars. (2) Ask for writing with the intent to plagiarize (this is students who are explicitly asking you to write their term papers for them). This one is really less of an issue and more about whether oDesk wants to make a policy about plagiarism. Am I alone in this? Particularly the first one, it's very frustrating. I especially don't understand what the point is because the freelancers who would work for $1 are likely not the same freelancers who are looking for better paying jobs.
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