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New search filter

Suggestion, when you add a new feature for testing, please also create a thread where we can comment on it.


I tried searching for jobs in GMT+8 and United States. In theory, this shouldn't bring up anything or much at all, but it brings up a lot of verified American clients. Is this because it is an Either/Or filter? I was expecting it to be a way to filter down jobs by both location and then timezone, e.g. I want to find jobs in just Western Australia so I choose Australia and GMT+8.


Hi Nicole,


Thanks for your feedback. I'll definitely share this with the team for consideration.

~ Joanne
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We appreciate your feedback about the most recent update to job search filters, Nicole.

Joanne and I have shared it with the team and they have confirmed that it's by design that these currently work as OR filters. So you should still be able to get the results you're looking for by selecting Australia as a country and GTM +8 but let me know if you don't see the desired results.

~ Valeria
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