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New sorting technique suggestion for Upwork

There are so many "unverified payment" jobs on Upwork, and a constantly-increasing number of very low-paying, one-off jobs that an established freelancer wouldn't look at twice. It takes a lot of scrolling to cherry-pick jobs, no matter what filters you use. What if Upwork had a thing similar to "paying for Connects" where you pay for "Established Businesses" or such access. This way, you wouldn't get student papers (I'm a writer/editor so I see all kinds of crap like that). The filter would be only for verified payments, clients NOT new to Upwork, from established corporations, etc. It seems like Upwork has become a tornado, sweeping up any and all projects around the world. I'm tired of all the heavy filtering, scrolling, double-checking, etc. just to PITCH a job. For those of you who've had jobs on here, does this paying for a special access seem like a good idea? 

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No. I'm primarily an editor here, though I also write at times. Almost everyone I've worked with has been new to the platform. Many of them only have one project they want done. There's a lot that could be better, but new people are often the best clients.

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You can set these filters in your job feed and save the search. 

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