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No Request for Proposals received on Upwork; still receiving many on Elance

Why am I not receiving any Request for Proposals on upwork?  My settings look the same, my jobs were brought over, my rating seems good. I'm still receiving 5-7 a week on Elance though.


Any help would be appreciated


Just a guess from me..


Even though we get to bring our Elance profiles over, I think there is a wait time where the algorithms need to "digest" and "understand" where we are. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some kind of throttling with new Upwork providers, and Elancers have to go through a little bit of a wait time to see results. Similar to Google where people think that changing something yesterday affected their rank when really what they did 3 months ago is the more likely culprit. I kinda suspect Upwork's algorithms are the same. They need to calculate where you are in terms of expertise, level, seller ability, etc.


As I do more work on Upwork and interface more with Upwork users rather than Elance, I seem to get more responses, contact, etc. It takes some time. 


Same as what Jennifer said, in my experience.  It was about 8 weeks after I setup on Upwork before invitations started coming in. Probably a time frame built into their algorithms that doesn't map over from eLance. 


Looking at your skillset and background you should be swimming in (Up)work soon!

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