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No contract started

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Madhumika S Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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So I just heard back from a client, who immediately started discussing the project and asking me to submit within two days, everything was agreed and he has already sent all the files. However just to clarify, he does need to start an official contract either fixed or hourly. Correct?
Submitting work before that would be at my own risk?
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Farhani M Member Since: Nov 21, 2014
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Yes, he does need to start a contract, and possibly setup a milestone.

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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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No contract (with money in escrow or hours authorized) = no work 

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Timothy S Member Since: Oct 19, 2016
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You can tell the client something like this:


"Please make me an official offer for the terms we discussed, and I'll be happy to accept and get started."


Then, don't do any work until you hear from the client and have an official contact in place. Otherwise, you could be wasting your time.

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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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Madhumika - Make sure that the client

1 initiates a contract here on Upwork which you can either accept or decline (if you don't want to do the job)

2 has his payment/account verified

3 if it's a fixed rate job, funds must be deposited into escrow eithe for the entire job or for each milestone as they come up

4 if it's a fixed rate job make sure you download, install and USE Time Tracker and make sure you document the screen shots it takes.


Once # 1 and 2 (and either 3 or 4 depending on whether it's a fixed rate or hourly job) is done BEFORE you even start work no matter what the client may tell you and how conviencing it sounds or they may be.


Be careful. The client may use their "deadline" and try to tell you to start work and submit it because it's a rush job and that they will pay you once they get it. No funds in escrow, no work, no matter what.