No week without bug! Happy working and thank you for patience!

Hi! Are you satisfied by oDesk technical support? I have problem in my profile – my working hours is not shown correctly… It is quite frustrating, because it shows intensity of my working schedule and also some results of my job. I asked for assistance when this problem already existed during 2 weeks. I passed my requires to support and… I got all known information: about how it should be, how my hours calculated, my Excel files with payments… But problem is still here. My hours renew only after pushing this manages… then stop updating again. One day I saw that all is ok, but next week my hours didn’t renew again. This support manager write me that “my requires processed”, but no any improvement during 3 weeks soon. I don’t see any interest in fixing this bug. During this long writing and asking for patience – other bugs where fixed (like portfolio disappearing, for example…), and next bug which surly come soon… Where to go from this point? What to do, just forget about have fixed profile and take it easy, because no any hope on technical assistance? Go for meditation, breathing practice/ writing to support that I have no patience more. I am talking with WALL, very polite, but WALL. Any suggestions? Kind regards Tatiana