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Non Disclosure Agreements

Hi All - as a finance/accounting freelancer, I often get clients that want me to sign NDAs in order to protect their or thier client's financial data, which I'm happy to do, but usually they send me NDAs that have language like - they will issue me a 1099s, or that I will bill them at some prescribed schedule and they will pay me at some prescribed schedule, etc.  However, I have to tell them that the 1099s are issue by Upwork and that Upwork bills clients on Upwork's schedule, nothing to do with me. 


I won't sign an NDA if those things aren't changed, but I'm concerned if there are other things I should be concerned about with signing a client's NDA when I am being contracted through Upwork?  Thanks!

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NDA should not contain any type of payment matters, it is not for that type of agreement.

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I am often requested by my clients to sign NDAs, but the NDAs received often make no sense for me as a ghostwriter and/or editor. I believe that many clients have solely one NDA that they send to all freelancers. Therefore, I modify any NDAs that make no sense for my work role, and return a signed copy in PDF format with an explanation as to why I made the modification. Nearly all of my clients have accepted these modified NDAs, as they just did not want to spend the time (or know how) to make modifications to their own original NDA document.

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What you are describing is not an NDA. Many clients don't know the difference, or try to sneak things in (especially non-competes). 

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