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Number of connects that it takes to apply for a job

How exactly are the number of connects that it takes to apply for a job decided?

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It could be anywhere from 1 connect to 6 connects.  The number of connects depend on client's budget, number of hours per week and project duration (1 month, 3 months, 6+ months).


I just applied to 2 jobs, each were 1 connect.  

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I have noticed that the number of proposals already placed on a project by other freelancers also has a big effect on the number of connects Upwork's algorithm requires for freelancers to submit additional proposals, which fits perfectly with Upwork's stated goal to reduce the total number of proposals clients receive on each project.


If your proposal is the fourth submitted on a project it will likely cost you fewer connects than if your proposal is the 44th proposal submitted on the same project, all other things being equal.

The clue is in the range of possible values, 1-6. Obviously someone is rolling a die.

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