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Odesk Refuses to back its services and protect its customers

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After hiring a gentleman to build me a wordpress website i very soon found out how great odesk support is. I hired a gentleman who had a suspended account already on odesk, how? I have no idea but odesk let it happen. Upon completing my site i looked at it, looked great visually and I paid left feedback. Come to find out the freelancer wants me to send money via paypal, i tried and it didnt go through so i sent the money twice to odesk. Since he had a suspended account he couldnt get the funds. At this point the freelancer removed my site replaced it with porn, I hired someone quickly to fix it change passwords, etc. Then I get emails about copyright violations on all the images and the template, then the site crashed 3 times. I spent $160 to make the site and $140 to make it legal and working. This gentleman spammed my mailbox with profanity, skype, and my website blog. Showed what evidence I had images to odesk, he deleted his messages from skype and then played all innocent. After all this fuss, evidence I had, 2 freelancers that witnessed the site was getting hacked constantly and deleted. Odesk pretty much just blew it off, kept asking for more evidence, this that and they dont cover quality factors. Well it wasnt a quality factor I shouldn't be able t hire someone with a suspended account! So now Im going to hit social media, blogs, etc and spread this great experience. Best part, I hired someone on Guru to write articles about this on blogs for me. (: thanks Odesk, thanks for screwing me really good.
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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Omer, I am sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with the freelancer. To achieve resolution for the issue, please, continue communicating with our Support Team via the open Help ticket. Thanks,
~ Valeria