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Payment Lag

I have a client from which I've been receiving payment every week. In other words, I have bypassed the two-week lag. He is still a client however I have not worked for him for a couple of weeks though I will start up again Monday or Tuesday. Since the work stopped in the middle there will there be another lag? I'm assuming I will get paid for work done April 1st through the 5th on the 10th since we already bypassed the lag. Am I correct?

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If you're working on an hourly arrangement, work done April 1 thru midnight UK time the evening of April 7 will be reported to the client for review on April 8 and released for payment to you nine days later on April 17 if there are no issues.

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Community Manager

Hi Sheila, 

To illustrate what Will has shared with you, you may refer to this Weekly Billing Cycle schedule for your reference. Please also refer to this help article for more information how earnings are processed in your account. 


Weekly Billing Cycle.png

~ Avery
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