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Payment method Argentina

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Julio G Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Hi Luciana


I just put the Upwork clients name. In the bank you get ARS, so the factura should be in ARS too.


I create facturas with the exact amount I receive (including the cents) in order to have a perfect match between incomes and facturas.


The name is not too important: think about when you go to a pet shop or a clothe stores with factura C, they ask you "Consumidor Final"? and if the answer is yes just put Luciana in the name.


Hope helps you.




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Luciana E Member Since: Feb 14, 2017
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Thanks for your quick answer Julio!


So you don´t put any CUIT/DNI/adress right? I though that there´s was a limit of $1000 for creating a consumidor final factura without filling the client data. But right now I can´t find it anywhere, maybe that changed.

My doubt is because I´m recieving money from the company Upwork, but I´m doing the factura on another´s client name, couldn´t Afip find that inconsistent?





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Julio G Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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In my knowledge put CUIT is no needed and amount limit don't apply if the factura C is to "Consumidor Final"



If you have doubts about it maybe you should consult an accountant.

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Luciana E Member Since: Feb 14, 2017
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Ok, great, thanks again for all the info!



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Federico O Member Since: Mar 13, 2017
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Hi Julio!

Thanks for sharing your experience.

I also have Santander in Argentina and I was wondering how to transfer the funds directly to my account. It is great to know that you have done this new procedure and works good!

When you completed your bank information in Upwork, did you write down the Swift Code of Santander (BSCHARBA) and then all the details of your bank account?

I spoke with Santander and they told me that any international transfer should be done via a specific intermediary bank (like Bank of America). But if you did in the way you mentioned and it worked, I guess this is not necessary!

Last question, you did the transfer just with US$50 or also with higher ammounts? I saw there is a limit of US$3.000 per direct transfer.


Thanks a lot!!!!


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Julio G Member Since: Jun 22, 2015
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Hi Federico


The answer is yes, thats all!


I enter the CABA Swift code BSCHARBA I found in Google my account CBU, CUIT and all information required by UpWork.


I never talk with Santander and in my account the incomes are registered as a regular deposit: Deposito Efvo T.autoserv. Suc xxxx.


Regarding the limit, I allways do transactions of less than 10K ARS (around 600 USD) to avoid any limit issue. UpWork only bills you 1 usd per transaction and the bank nothing, so I preffer to do more small transactions instead less larger ones.






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Nicolas Z Member Since: Mar 26, 2017
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Hi Julio,


Do you happen to know of anyone else whose withdrawal to their local bank account has been successful? I withdrew USD 20 on Wednesday to my account in Banco Macro and I still haven't received the money. Also, a guy from chat support had to create a ticket because he says he can see that the withdrawal was done but he can't confirm that the money was transfered.


Thank you.

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Carolina P Member Since: Jun 18, 2017
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hi Nicolas!


 did the Banco Macro work for you? could you get the payment correctly?


thanks for your time Smiley Wink


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Nicolas Z Member Since: Sep 9, 2015
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Hi Nicolas,


Were you able to withdraw money to your Macro account? If so, did they charge you anything or asked you for specific kind of invoice?

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Pablo Nicolas Z Member Since: Dec 6, 2018
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Hi Jlio,


I have Santander Rio and Itau. I can find  Swift Code in the home banking?? if not. HowI can do it ?


Thank you