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Paypal And Paid

Hello Upwork Team

I plan to transfer money to my PayPal accountThe PayPal account is not in my nameBut the PayPal email is registered on my systemBut when I transfer money. Money goes back to the accountWhat is the problem ?Transaction number 300379122 .

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I will Transfer 70$ To Paypal

Hi Pourya,


Your withdrawal was returned to Upwork because PayPal does not support withdrawals in your location. 
I would also like to clarify that your payment method needs to be issued on your name or your name to be listed as a beneficiary name. To view your available withdrawal methods go to Settings > Get Paid > Add a Method. Thank you.

~ Goran

Doesn't PayPal work in Armenia?
And that it must be in my name, PayPal?
And that the amount can be done if it's under a hundred dollars?

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