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Paysera account as payement method


Hello team i want to link my paysera account with my upwork account in order to receive my payements , can you please tell me if it's possible to add paysera as a payement method and in which  method have i to add paysera ( wire transfert USD or direct to US Bank ) ? 


Hi Kawther!


If the account you're adding has a routing number, you may add it under Direct to U.S. Bank (ACH). However, there are no guarantees for tracing funds in case your funds do not arrive in your bank account since it's a virtual bank.


Direct to U.S. Bank deposit is free for all who qualify. There are no withdrawal fees. Direct to U.S. Bank/ACH direct deposits are available to any freelancer with a U.S. bank account eligible for ACH transfers. (You must check with your bank if you're unsure.)


We recommend using Direct to Local Bank if you have a local bank account as your withdrawal option. It's Upwork's version of direct deposit, and we've designed it to be as simple and safe as possible.


You may also use Paypal or Payoneer instead. 


~ Alyssa
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