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Please ask CS people to stop asking us for screenshots

1. If the mods here can access our message logs, they should be able to also. That's the entire point of trying to keep us using the messaging platform here.


2. Screenshots are easily faked, and I mean easily. I could make a screenshot showing a client "saying" anything I wanted.


Asking for screenshots is unprofessional. It demonstrates a lack of technical understanding, it suggests that CS people don't have tools they should have to do their jobs, and it is just pointless busywork for those looking for assistance.


Thank you.

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Thank you for your feedback, Charles. We'll make sure to share it with the team. An agent communicating with a user who is reporting a violation may ask for any additional information they have. If you are referring to the job you reported via the chat a few days ago, I see that the team has already taken actions against it. Additionally, please note that you can flag an individual message in a Message room and it will be reviewed by the team.



We appreciate your effort to help us make Upwork a more trustworthy marketplace.



~ Valeria
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