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Pls help me…

What should I do if the client does not want to pay me money? I don't have a submit job button in the contract, I don't know what to do. He keeps writing that he will pay for the next month, but he has been saying that for a long time... how should I proceed?

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The project was for $10. Seems you have been paid $10. Budget is just a number unless it is funded properly.

and now what should I do? I asked for milestones, but they won't approve them. Please what can I do?

Not much, you should only work or send work when the milestone is funded. 

can't anything be done about it? it says $1000

The budget amount is meaningless. Only what is funded in escrow counts. 

Upwork will not do anything about that, this is between you and your client. You should have insisted the client fund the milestone before you do the work. 

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actually, I'm noticing that Upwork encourages irresponsible behavior of the customers. This time it's especially remarkable. We have almost no protection against any illegal requests from the customers. Upwork tells - it's between you and your customer. But if you refuse - bad feedback and Upwork pessimist your JSS.
I hoped that upwork would remain an island of honor busines relatioinships, but it seems that the brutal pressure by powerful actors neglecting the rules is here too.
Sorry, just wanted to highlight a very important problem. If someone wants to violate the rules here - they can. The limit is almost only their imagination

re: "can't anything be done about it? it says $1000"


That does not matter.


It could say:

Budget: Xanadu


Who cares.

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Budget does not count.

Ignore budget.

Money is escrow is what counts.

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