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Probable Profile rejection causes? Need help

I have an approved profile in Upwork platform and I am very happy to work on my projects.
My sister has recently joined Upwork following my suggestion. Her profile is 100 % completed, passed Upwork readiness test and a couple of other tests, she has also got a job from BYOF link and now it is an ongoing project.  But her profile is getting rejected every day. She is submitting her profile several times a day and she does not have a clue why it is happening as there are ample of jobs available for the sector she is interested to work for.
The profile rejection is fast and even if she has a  job already she is worried because if Upwork never ever approves the profile then the work history will be of no use even if she works for one year as no one will be able to see her profile and the work history.
I do not wish to violate community guidelines. So I can not put the profile link here but my request is if any agent can help me in this issue to find out the probable reason so that we can sort it out and get a positive outcome.
Thank you very much.

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Hello Mrimmay,


We suggest your sister reaches out to our support team, to further understand the reason behind why her account gets cancelled and provide a lasting solution to the problem.





Hello Ryan,
Thank you for your reply.
she wrote to support at upwork.com explaining the problem and got auto-generated reply twice. that too within seconds. So I do not think anyone has actually read that email! the other ways to reach the support team is not accessible from her profile.
this is the reason that I am reaching out for guidance.
thank you 

Hi Mrinmay,


We recommend that the primary individual gets in touch with our support team. You can refer to this link to know more about the options to get in touch with our support team. But I also suggest responding to the email notification of the suspension of her account.



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