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Profile does not appear in search results

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Huma R Member Since: Jul 9, 2020
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My profile is not showing up in search results. I tried with name, skills and title etc on upwork and even outside upwork. But I could not see it. Could somone help please?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Don't search for yourself.


That is a rabbit hole. It will only is frustrate you if you go down it.

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Mikko R Member Since: Dec 26, 2015
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I have a different opinion.

Searching your true self is ALWAYS a good mission. Some day you might find yourself. And then all of your past makes sense all of a sudden. 😉

Know yourself, know what you're here for, know who of all people need you most is the key to success.

And I don't only mean some search function of a random website here. 🤣

On a technical note, the search show pretty random stuff and the results are following a certain cycle. Sometimes I find my own profile (when not logged in) as the top 1 dude doing "VR" but sometimes I'm nowhere on the first page. Sometimes when I check on the same day on my Mac, I'm the 3rs guy on the result list.

Coming back to the first point, don't worry so much about the search results. If finding good clients is your real issue, focus on writing perfect proposals instead. The proposal goes hand in hand with a great profile (I cannot see yours here, sorry for the bug on the mobile version of Upwork).