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Quick question about ending hr contract



I manage to get myself a client with way to high expectations for way to little money. When I try reason with him and even made "free work" for him to say "sorry for the invonvenience" he just brush it of and ask when I can finnish the rest.


Basically the work will take 5 hrs + and I will get payed 18 usd.


So I havn't been payed and I can't reason with him. I want to end the contract but leave behind feedback AND stars. Like this never happend 🙂


Is that possible?


I have already contacted oDesk support but i thought that maybe this place is faster.


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You actually have a number of options.


You CAN close the contract without having received any money (or refund any money you already received).


If you do this, then there will be no way for the client to leave feedback of any kind.


Clients must pay at least $1.00 to a contractor in order to leave feedback.


If the client can't leave feedback for you, then you also can't leave feedback for them.


If you WANT to be able to leave feedback, then you need to close the contract after having been paid something.


But keep in mind that closing a contract like that (i.e., closing a contract yourself instead of having the client close the contract, or having a contract closed with zero money paid out) will hurt your in oDesk's automated algorithms. Doing this once will not in and of itself get your account put on review, but doing this multiple times, or doing this once and having other performance metrics weighed against you will eventually get your account put on review. This doesn't mean you are suspended. It means that you will not be able to apply to new jobs until you close all your current contracts and go through the account review process.


So, yes, it's a pain, but this won't happen immediately, and taking the hit from oDesk's automated algorithms is better than having to endure a nightmare contract.


If you think you can hang in there, you might consider looking at the details of the contract you had as your agreement with the client, and decide if you can finish the project to the letter of those details.


If you think you can hang in there, even if takes a few hours to do so, and finish what was ORIGINALLY agreed upon (and not things the client added afterward), then it may be better for you to do so.


Finish the project as it was originally agreed upon, and then submit that project using the submit milestone button.


This is all assuming that you have a FIXED RATE contract, and not an hourly contract. (There are elements of your post that suggest you have an hourly contract, but overall your post sounds like it describes a fixed rate contract. So I'm assuming that you have a fixed rate contract.)


You can explain to the client that oDesk's policies prohibit contractors from doing free work (this is true), and that if you do work OUTSIDE the original agreement, it would constitute free work, and you can't do that. BUT you would be happy to set up an appropriate contract for ADDITIONAL work AFTER the current contract is closed and payment has been made satisfactorily.


Then let the client decide what to do. They may choose to pay you for the work you originally agreed to do. Or they may decide not to pay you. But either way, at least it will be over. If they decide not to pay you, that's their choice, really. But it will mean you won't be willing to do any more work for them.


If they DO pay you and want you to do more work, make sure that you have them close the contract before you do any more work or before you agree to do anything more. Make sure they close the contract entirely, not just pay the milestone and create a new milestone.


Now, once they have closed the contract and paid you, you can talk about future work. You do not need to agree to anything they propose. If they offer you $20 to do $100 of work, that's fine for them to do so. But you don't need to agree to it. You can explain that you are available to do that project for $100, and let them decide whether or not they want to comply. You can also tell them that they need to pay part of the amount or all of it up front, before you start work. It is your right to make such a request, and it is their right to comply or not to comply. But they have no ability to force you into a contract that you don't agree to, and they should not be asking you to do work that is outside the scope of what was originally agreed upon.


Now... if you currently have an HOURLY contract with this client, then much of what I said does not apply. If you have an HOURLY contract, and the client is asking for more work or is being very demanding, more so than you originally thought he would be, then that is within his right to do so. But it means he is paying you for your time. If you have an hourly rate contract with a demanding client, then just be sure to log ALL the time you spend working on the project, including the time you spend communicating with him, writing emails, Skype, etc. If the client does not like how much time it takes you to do the project, then he is welcome to enlist the help of somebody else. But he can't ask for more work and then balk at paying for more work. That's not how oDesk works.


If you're doing hourly work, log all your time and be paid for all your time. If you simply can't work on the project any more, be honest with him and tell him that you appreciate the opportunity you have had thus far to work on his project, but that your schedule and the demands on your time have changed (for reasons that have nothing to do with his project), and that you no longer have time to work on it.