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Refund to client


I need your help with this Contract ID 21405998, the client is asking for a refund, I am agreed to pay him. but before that, I wanted to know that should i pay him 

 As the design was approved by him before he released the first milestone and I didn't force him to release it. I have asked him that if there is any changes he can let me know. But he never asked me that. The things were working fine. 
Suddenly he wanted to make changes in the Design and implement a new look. I said okay let me Design and implement it. I have no Issue. And then he changed his mind to not to continue. The time I spent on the project that is just wasted. 
Do you still think it's appropriate to file a dispute and ask for a refund?
Does upwork still favor client?
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The client's behavior is unprofessional, unethical and immoral.


It is NOT appropriate for him to ask for a refund for money that he has already released, for work that you have already done.


If there is any money funded for milestone work that you have NOT done, then agree to refund that money to him immediately.


You should be paid for any work you have done.

You should agree to refund money that was meant to pay for any work that you haven't done yet.

the first milestone was set to design the Web layout, that was approved by
client, i have even asked him that if there are any changes, the work was
all going through his requirement,
and i think it was Saturday night, he wanted to cancel the project, as the
design was not good, I suggested him to Redesign the homepage if the look
is not good, but he just wanted to cancel the project...

If you believe that you have met the requirements you both agreed to, then there is no reason to refund and you should not consider doing so.


To the extent that he, or any client, wants additional changes, do make sure that is going towards a new milestone. Otherwise you have classic scope creep and are doing a lot more than the agreed milestone was intended for. If you allow that then be prepared for it to keep happening with the expectation that you will deliver for no additional remuneration. A recipe for going out of business. 


Be a professional and demand your clients are as well. If they are not, move on. Do not compromise your business with irrational refunds and scope creep. 

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If the first milestone was released, that counts as the client saying that they approve of the work done for said milestone. Technically, they have no grounds to dispute that part of it.


This is why it's important for clients and freelancers to both understand how fixed price projects work. Once work is submitted for a milestone, the client has 14 days to review it and either release the funds, or request changes. Further submissions reset that clock. If they say nothing, then after 14 days the work is deemed accepted, and the funds automatically correct.


So the question is, what is he wanting a refund of? If it's the first milestone, he really doesn't have a leg to stand on. If it's for stuff you've been working on since then, he can request a refund of some or all of the current milestone from escrow, as it hasn't been released yet.


If he wants to be professional, he can still do a partial release to pay you for your time, and get a refund of the remainder as it's not going to be something he can use.


It's late and I'm rambling, so a staff member will hopefully clarify this further for you.

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