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Regarding Refund Status




I am recently working on a project with a client on a fixed payment basis. The project is scheduled to end by next week. But Upwork has canceled milestone 5 hours ago. There is no such issue from the Client end. Can anyone point out to me how to rectify it? Also, will it degrade my client satisfaction rate? I need it to be undone asap.


was the milestone 3 months old?


In that case it HAD to be cancelled as that is the maximum length of time funds can be held in Escrow.

Can the client change it?

@Apurv V wrote:

Can the client change it?

 No. The money will have gone back to the client and the client will need to set up a new contract. Never let a milestone sit about in a coma for that long.

Aside from Petra's excellent points about the limits on how long money can sit in the escrow fund... Why would you (a freelancer) want to work on a project for three months before getting paid? This is not a financially safe practice here.


If a project is going to take a long time, it would be better to break it down into smaller phases and get paid on a more regular basis.