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Resubmitting proposal, how to do it?

For the first time I felt I needed to change something in my proposal message for a job.


So I cancelled my first proposal and then created the second proposal and submitted it.


The problem I am having now is when I go to the job page again there is NO "you have already applied to this job" pop up message. I can still click on "submit a proposal" and it leads me to the proposal page. I guess if I were to fill it out again I would finally get an error message when I try to submit that (third) proposal. I didn't try it.


However, on "my propsals" page the resubmitted proposal is listed correctly and I can change the terms as I am used to.


Can someone confirm that this is normal behavior that a resubmitted proposal does not trigger the "you have already applied" pop up. Does the client see my second proposal? Will he see that I cancelled my first proposal?


Am I expecting too much if I want to see that reassuring pop up after having invested (or wasted) 2 extra connects for this job?


For anyone who cares.. the job had 150 proposals within half a day (it seems like a good job) and I really thought long about applying for it. After I submitted my proposal I scrolled down and read the reviews more carefully and found the potential name of the client. With so many applicants I thought it was worth to include the client's name at the beginning to stand out as much as I can.



Small update: my name appeared on the job page in the list of proposals just now, so I guess it went through. I can still click on apply and still don't get the pop up message. So I guess it's normal behaviour...


Confirmation/explanation would still be appreciated. Is this intended behaviour or a bug? Mods?

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By default its like this. You can not edit a submitted job. I checked for that feature many times but i cant.


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Dear Robert,


It's correct that you can't edit your proposal. 




What the solution is?


Withdraw your proposal and then you will be able to submit your proposal again. 




You will have to sacrifice 2 connections. 


I hope that you understand how to resubmit again.


Best Regards



What is the process if a proposal has been denied and now the company is asking me to resubmit?

I don't know if they can undo a decline but if they are talking to you tell them to send you an invite so you don't have to waste connects.

Hi. I'm new and I've been trying to access customer support but with nisi success (on my phone) so I'm reaching out to the community. I have received a message or invite to apply for a job. As I was busy at the time, I replied I would submit tonight. However, now it says I have submitted a proposal but it is merely the msg I sent. Urgent response required. Thank you in advance

Hi Judith,


One of our team members will reach out to you directly and assist you further, thank you!


~ Bojan

Can you help me in this situation ? I withrew to attach files. 

Thank you.

Hi Do,


I've escalated your concern to the team. One of our agents will reach out and assist you directly via a support ticket.

~ Joanne

Hello, please i have the same issue. I withdrew my proposal to change some things, now it says I can't apply to the job because i withdrew a boosted proposal. Please help

The system is designed that way. You cannot resubmit when original proposal is boosted.

I tried reasubmitting the proposal after correcting it to corret something,. But the option to submit the proposal is disabled when I try to do so. What can I do?

re: "I tried reasubmitting the proposal after correcting it to corret something,. But the option to submit the proposal is disabled when I try to do so. What can I do?"


Many people have similarly reported being unable to resubmit.


My advice:

Dont withdraw your proposal. Don't plan on being able to resubmit.

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