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Rising Star and Other Status

I really don't get this.  My profile is complete, I answer all interview requests.  I have 14 five star reviews.  There are a small number of contracts still open.  The first with *** Edited for Community Guidelines ***she gave no feedback, but then opened a second contract with me.  *** Edited for Community Guidelines ***also gave no feedback, but I produced around 20 separate pieces of work for them.  I think that they may have changed their work, because I saw them advertise for Phillipine writers.  Then, there are four more open contracts, News Report, Education Report, *** Edited for Community Guidelines *** but each of these still have requests for work from me, the first two regular pieces, the other two more occasional.
Can you advise if I need to do something?  I had 96% for weeks, then suddenly it dropped.  I have asked via the chat room, and via the recent survey, for clarification, but none has been forthcoming.  If I am doing something wrong with managing my account, please let me know.
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Your profile is private so it's hard to tell.

You have inactive contracts according to you, so those, after a while will impact your score negatively. Any time you've given a full refund, that would affect it as well. Any contract ended with no money exchanged will do it, too.

And then, clients also get to evaluate you privately. You don't get to see what they rate you in the private evaluation, but if one or more of your clients said privately that they would not recommend you, that, also would impact your JSS. Or any contracts where your clients have not left feedback. I'm sure I'm leaving something out here, but those are some of the possibilities.

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Hello Pete,


Please click here to learn more about why did your JSS change and how to improve it. Thank you.

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