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Scam from **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Hey mark I'm looking for Virtual Assistance to enroll & finance our APP development team keep the Entries on MS Excel such as
-Financing Payment for APP development Frontend
-Stacks & technologies Payments
-Backend API's Restful Payments
-UI UX designing Payments

I would be required to financing APP development team via Wise. let's say I'll be paying at upwork 2000$ plus 20% fee, you role will be to finance them 1650$ remaning 350$ goes your commission. Plus you would adding into MS excel finance information stacks technologies a perfect entry.

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I did not find a mechanism for flagging this b/c the slime had made an offer -- and I could not locate a job posting.

It was brazen that**Edited for community guidelines**, errr**Edited for community guidelines**, would think it possible to earn $ in this manner.

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That seems to be a popular scammer script in the last few days. 

It's pretty audacious that they target someone with a profile like yours, but I guess, they are equal opportunity scammers. 

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