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All the job offers under Pt En translations are offering "silly" money from unverified clients and they  all have telegram links to apply.

I strongly believe someone should have a look into it, as they are the only job offers. Looks like a cheap unsafe environment...



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All you can do is flag them and move on. Scams are at an all-time high right now. Just don't contact any client off the platform before a contract is started, and don't ever pay any client money or buy anything for them.

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Thank you for your reply, but for a week now i have been doing just that and only that as there are no proper posts

I know, they're coming in faster than we can flag them. I hope Upwork finds a way to get rid of them.

Robert, my dear, there is not even a way yo flag them for what they are : spam

For the past week several freelancers brought up the issue and yet nothing has been done by the platform itself to help as at least flag them as spam,)

Have you tried yorself to look for a job!? Makes it look like a cheap unsafe environment to work.


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Yeah, You are right. Nowaday there are large number of scammer under Pt En translations. Even some of the clients will take work from you and then they will cancel the order. So it must be checked and control because they are demotivating us to work also with the trusting clients.

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