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Currently have the same scam job posted in my feed sixteen times in the past 2 hours. Similar pattern all week. Why is this allowed? Why doesn't Upwork doing anything about this? 

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Upwork will tell you that they are working hard to address the situation around scam and spam jobs, and that they are dealing with a higher-than-usual volumes of scam posts. I think they are trying, but I also believe they are overwhelmed and can't catch most of them.


Please be kind for checking the scam jobs, Thanks

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I guess I'm feeling really frustrated because I had them terminate a contract that I had already started working on claiming it violated terms of service, and I don't believe it did. And then I see all these very obvious violations that just get posted over and over and over. You'd think if I can catch them they could too? I don't get it. 

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Because it's not in their best (financial) interest to do anything about it.

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Same here Caroline - at least 50% of the work that I've sent proposals for have been removed. 

I'm new to this platform so I'm not sure how to identify scam posts - aside from the inflated rates. 

Thanks Maria

Right, and they expect us to know. I had a contract terminated that I already started working on. I don't believe there was anything wrong with that job. 

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If you're curious you can tell us about the job and we'll see if there's really nothing wrong with it or not.

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yes, this is happening repeatedly.

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