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Should I end the contract? Client isn't sending new tasks

Hi, I have got hired for a fixed-price contract. I delivered the project to the client and she released the payment. But now, it's been 30 days, the client isn't sending me new tasks. I have requested feedback, but no response. So, I wanted to ask should I end the contract, If I end the contract will it show up in my complete job or not?

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I think you should tell the client firmly and politely that the job is done and you expect another payment for new tasks.


Unless if you decide that the tasks are still related with the previous and might also be related with you not completing it correctly, or even can be considered as bugs, I'd still do them.

I have asked multiple times to the client, that if he/she needs my services but no response. 

Oh sorry I thought you said "client sending new tasks" 😅


So now... 


Client is not obligated to respond to messages. Task done, fund released. As mentioned below, if you end the contract then Client isn't obligated to provide feedback but of course it'll still appear in your work history.

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 If I end the contract will it show up in my complete job or not?


Of course, with any feedback the client is willing to give.

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If you end the contract, it will show on your profile but without any feedback.


If it remains active it will not have any negative impact.


If you let the client end the contract, they will be prompted to provide feedback. My advice is wait another week and then leave a polite message saying you're standing by for more work if needed and if not thank them and request them to close out the contract and leave feedback at their convenience, and let the contract remain active.

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