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Silence from clients

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Bjorn B Member Since: Jan 30, 2019
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I hear you, but it is not as bad as it sounds.


I asked them how they'd like to have me send them the file, but as it was deadline and they were offline I went ahead and submitted it via the green button, and when I came back to the chat they had come online and replied their preference - but immidiately thereafter they replied that any way was fine. 

I would never go directly against a client's instructions, at least not without having a conversation first. Anything else is professional suicide.


You misunderstand me, I wasn't asking the client whether my work was done. I was telling them that my work was done, and asking them whether they preferred to have it sent in a particular manner.

Thanks to your input, I know now always to submit completed projects via the green button.


"If the client sees something that needs to be fixed, the green button lets her ask you to fix it. Otherwise, that green button is what starts the countdown to you receiving your money, EVEN IF the client does absolutely nothing"

Thank you for this piece of information!