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Suggestion for Upwork

Dear Upwork,
Freelancers are at such a disadvantage on all accounts, particularly when a client decided to go MIA and leave a contract idle. Even if a contract is paid, they sometimes become unresponsive and unreachable and they don't close the contract. It's like they forget or are no longer concerned about responding once they receive the deliverable. Then unfairly, the freelancer is penalized with a lower success score. This is not right. The freelancer should not suffer because of an unresponsive client. I SUGGEST THE FOLLOWING. Clients should be charged a fine for leaving a contract open after a certain point. This will encourage them to use the platform more responsibly and avoid leaving contracts inactive and staying unresponsive.

Do you mean they leave the contract open without releasing funds? If not, why can't you close the contract?


I really don't think fining clients is the right approach....

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