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Test Scoring Flaw?

There must be some flaw in the design of the Upwork testing system.


I am scoring too high in subjects like "Book Publishing" and "Theatre and Drama" that I know very little about.


Most importantly, I am not passing tests that are in areas of my expertise, like "Javascript" and "HTML".  It is doubful that around %70 of people on Upwork can outscore me on these web technology tests given no compilers or API references open.


Maybe some tests shouldn't be scored based on a curve.  What do you think?


EDIT:  In the interest of avoiding anyone not getting what I am hinting at here.  It may not be very obvious.  I was trying to pose the topic in a gentle way.  Okay, here we go:


Most skills test takers are probably cheating !


An open IDE and an open google search engine make some of these skills quizes easy to cheat on.


I didn't cheat.  The scores are curved based on other test takers results.


It is very difficult to actually memorize the Javascript API documentation so precisely to answer a good deal of these questions.  If anyone does have the Javascript API memorized that well, I am seriously impressed and I congratulate you.


I am pretty good at writing code directly from source API's and reference them regularly, yet some of these skills tests were DIFFICULT to say the least.


What do you think?

Erik Douglas W.
Community Member

The tests have nothing to do with Upwork, they come from a company called Expertrating.com


What makes you think that "It is doubful that around %70 of people on Upwork can outscore me on these web technology tests" ?


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