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Unexpected problem in this offer

When I want to accept the offer of my my client it keep giving me this message "it seems like we ran into an unexpected problem with this offer .Please ask the client to withdraw it and create a new one or contact support " and my client don't respond and the offer will expires before midnight please I need an urgent help 

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I understand you are excited about your first job, but it's likely it was a scam. If the client is not responding, there is nothing you can do. You need to go through the Terms of Service and all the rules. Your portfolio is missing most of what you need, and you are a target for scammers.


Please read this post and follow every link, before you are scammed.

Thank you, could you please tell me what missing in my portfolio ?

Short answer? Everything. The profile reads like a run-on sentence. Either use a translator/spellcheck program or find a native English speaker to help with your profile. You have a lot of things listed, and then throw in stuff like "copywritter", which it is obvious, you are not. Also, your files go nowhere.


Be honest about your skills. Freelancing means you are self-employed and in charge of everything that happens to you. You have to protect yourself; currently, your profile reads like an invitation to be scammed. Go back to the post above, follow the link, read it, and follow those links, and then read those, too.

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Hi Ayoub,


In my experience, it is either a bad credit card or the client's account has been placed on hold. I had the bad credit card problem happen this week and the issue was resolved immediately once the card was updated. Thanks!

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