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Unfair JSS

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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014
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Tim B wrote:

So considering that all of my clients who have left feedback have left positive feedback,  how can I raise that would they recommend me score?


Okay, from the fact that you're not answering I reckon that this score is very low. See, the clients who left saying that they won't recommend you are unhappy clients, for some reason. You can argue that it's unfair that Upwork allows clients (and freelancers) to say how likely it is they would recommend the other party, and that it takes the answer into account in the JSS, but this doesn't matter. What matters is that a (significant?) rate of your clients were not happy. 


You can deal with this two ways: You can get upset and blame someone else. Upwork, clients, God, whoever. Or you can sit and think. Ask yourself what it is that you could have done better and use this experience to improve and get even better.

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Tim B Member Since: Jan 29, 2019
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Please clarify what I said that is not true???? Check the math yourself if you do not believe it. 

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Tim B wrote:

Please clarify what I said that is not true???? Check the math yourself if you do not believe it. 

Look at your private feedback percentage. You were asked what the percentage is, and have avoided answering (which is your right, considering it is a private metric.) That is what your clients REALLY think of their experience of working with you.


Public feedback is next to meaningless as clients have been conditioned into leaving 5 stars if they survived the contract.


If your private feedback percentage is very low (anything under 70%) that tells you that your clients are nowhere near as happy with how things went as you think they were.


The way to fix this is to pick clients super carefully and then do a super job.


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John K Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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I'm going to make an editorial comment. While I don't agree with the weight JSS places on private feedback/client recommendation, when you hover over a freelancer's JSS, the popup states "The percentage of this freelancer's jobs that resulted in a great client experience." and if a client had a great experience, you would expect them to be eager to recommend you to others.

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