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Unresponsive clients

Dear community,


I accepted an offer on 14th April, and this job will be due on 20th April.  I started to work on this job right after I accepted the offer on 14th. However, owing to some technical problem of client's website, I can't start the job. I asked my client for further instruction for such issue on the same day, but no response. I messaged the client again on 16th, still no response. 


I have had a 100% job success so far. And I do not want to get my score deducted. When is an appropriate time to ask Upwork for help? Or, if you have ever encountered a similar situation like this, could you please give me some advice? 


Thanks a lot!


Community Member

re: "When is an appropriate time to ask Upwork for help?"


You can't ask Upwork for help. This is between you and the client.

What is Upwork supposed to do?


If you can't do the job due to a technical issue on the client's website, then you can't do the job.


If this issue was really critical for the client, then the client would be in regular communication with you. The fact that you have not heard from the client tells you what you need to know about the urgency of the job.


One thing you should understand is that the due date you are seeing (April 20) means nothing to Upwork. Really. Upwork doesn't look at that or use it in any way. So don't worry about that.


You already sent a few messages. Send no more.


When and if the client bothers to read your messages, the client (who is a normal reasonable human being) will either get you the access you need on her website. Or she won't. I don't think she is going to be irrationally upset about something that was out of your control.

I have been looking for help here, But marked as spam. Why ? 😕

Thank you, Preston. I will wait for my client to take the initiative then. 

Hi Mr Preston, Could you please help me ? I have the same problem.
But I tried to ask the question here with all details, And found my reply marked as spam...

Could you please help me ?

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