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Upwork Notification

How long while this pause take? I am wondering why the contract wasn't reviewed before I started working with the client.
Also, how can I get paid for the hour of work that I have already done?
Aurelia McNeil



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Upwork does not review job postings (except I assume they run a check for forbidden words or phrases). There is probably some problem with the client's payment method, a problem that can arise at any time during a contract, and can't be predicted at the start of the contract anyway. This is for your protection.

Thank you
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Aurelia M.,


If the project has been paused because there is a problem with your client's payment method, it is my experience that is usually resolved by Upwork within a few business days.


If this is the cause for the pause and you properly tracked your work time with this client after their payment method was verified by Upwork, you should be covered by Upwork's payment protection and eventually be paid for that work time, maybe even according to the usual hourly work week payment schedule. (That is my experience the two times I have had a project paused for this reason.)


However, if you tracked your work time using TimeTracker before the client's payment method was verified by Upwork, there is no payment protection. If the client's payment method is never verified you will not be paid for that work time through Upwork.




I wish Upwork would not allow freelancers to book time using TimeTracker before the client's payment method has been verified, but this is something you have to check for yourself with any new client.

Thank you so much for your reply and thorough explanation!
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