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Upwork is about to close an idle contract



Hi, Upwork, so I have a client I had been working every week with for months and towards the end of the year I got really burnt out and he asked me to take a break since I was one of his best writer.


Honestly, I needed that break because I was Juggling a lot of jobs and my mental health needed time off.


Long story short, I stayed off the contract till I got a message from upwork that the contract has been idle and there are about to close it.


The thing is, I have money in the escrow and I want to know, if a submit my work and request for payment, will the contract still be closed?  I have tried contacting my client but I haven't gotten any response.


I am asking because I don't want to go through the stress of disputing the money or even going farther than that if my client doesn't agree. 


Please this is urgent, will the contact still be closed by upwork if I request for payment before the closing date?


I look forward to your response.

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Okay l help you what kind of work 

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It's a writing job.


If I submit and request for payment, will Upwork still close the contract as that will count as activity?

If you did work that you haven't been paid for yet, then yes, you submit it for payment now (I don't understand why you've been waiting for three months?). If you didn't completely finish the job, then request only part of the payment.


But if you haven't done anything since you were last paid, then the funds in escrow should rightfully go back to the client. They can hire you again when you're ready to continue working.


And as a bit of unsolicited advice, if you're so overwhelmed with work that it's affecting your mental health, it's time to raise your prices. Do less work but for more money.

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Hi, guys please I need help. I look forward to your response.



Hi Abasiakan,


Fixed-price contracts with money in escrow and no activity for 90 days are considered “dormant,” and the funds in escrow are released. This prevents money from being held in escrow for too long. 

If an account is close to becoming dormant and not going to be active again before the 90 days end, we encourage freelancers and clients to work together to decide who will receive the funds in escrow and to request the release of funds.

If an account does become dormant, we will follow the process outlined in section 4 of the Fixed Price Service Contract Escrow Instructions in Upwork’s Terms of Service.

~ Joanne
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