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Upwork is now testing my patience.

Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Himanshu,


Just to clarify, you do have an Agency profile but you're the only freelancer associated with your Agency. Furthermore, the hours you mentioned are logged through your freelancer profile, not your Agency profile. I also see your client left a feedback for you and your team on a job which was awarded to you as a freelancer. Finally, adding manual time on a job is also subjected to the same policy I referred to in my comment. 


To make sure we have all the facts correct, please follow up on the request our team sent you.

Active Member
Himanshu S Member Since: Jan 6, 2016
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Hello Valdimir,

I thought making an agency profile will be enough for representing us as an agency here.

I was not aware that I need to bring my each team member to Upwork and make them associated with agency profile.

Also Upwork do not have any option to upgrade to business from freelancer, similiar to Elance. I know its too late say it but I looked for option to convert in past.

Finally as it is ultimately for the trust & safety of clients, you have gone through my feedbacks and you know they were never in dark from my side. They were always aware that they are or will be working with an agency.

I posted my clarification to the raised ticket and hoping for good.

Thanks & Regards