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What happened to job categories in job feed?

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Dylan G Member Since: Mar 2, 2015
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Once upon a time (read: yesterday), I could simply click on the web dev category and automatically search for jobs that way. Now, that panel is gone from my job feed. This change isn't exactly a helpful one if it's intentional. If it's a bug, is there an ETA on the fix?


Edit: Searching by category manually appears to be completely broken now. Filtering by price range no longer works.

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Vesna M Member Since: May 15, 2012
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Job feed isn't working properly since new categories.


Now this...

Don't correct my grammar!
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Anja T Member Since: Feb 23, 2015
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I really hope this problem with job feed isn't something permanent?

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Joe M Member Since: Mar 11, 2015
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I can see all the categories through the following link:

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Scott M Member Since: Nov 27, 2014
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This site is continually going downhill and it seems to be getting there, fast.

Here's all I get to see as far as jobs go:

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Zelda P Member Since: Feb 17, 2015
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Same thing with my job feed. Smiley Sad

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Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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HI all,

Unfortunately, we're still working on the issue affecting your Job Feeds. Apologies for the delay, but we are aware and working to resolve it.

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Thomas T. F Member Since: Mar 19, 2015
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Is there any estimate for fixing the job feeds? I'm new on the site, and you can imagine the confusion trying to set up job feeds based on categories while the system is apparently broken. When trying to save a job feed, the category is systematically replaced with "Any", so it is impossible to get started with any meaningful job feed on this site.


What I also don't understand is why the 'Add this search to your job feed' button is hidden unless I enter keywords. There are one of more categories I want feeds for without filtering by keywords, and the only way I've found to do it is to enter a dummy keyword like "NOT blahblahblahblahblahblah". It just seems silly to make users go through such hoops just to be allowed NOT to filter by keywords.


Using RSS is no solution either, as all I get if clicking the RSS link is a page full of html source (Chrome). My default reader is Outlook 2010, and it works with news sites. My Chrome RSS plugin does not detect any available RSS feed from your job search page, and there is no real help to be found about RSS in your help pages.


Support has not been able to provide any meaingful answers so far.


Any help would be appreciated.