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What the heck is going on with oDesk today

Community Guru

I can't get into my account, when I do I either get an error message or the whole top of the page is missing. I thought it was fine when it first started but for the last hour I have had nothing but issues. I can't get into my work diary. It was telling me no work diaries for specific client. Now I can't get to the site at all.

Community Guru

The site has been having problems (sporadic connectivity...again) for the last two days including today. For a variety of resaons, it's best (at least for me) to have jobs from this platform, similar sites, and direct client to contractor relationships. In fact, having a day job (regular on site job) is a good idea as well.

Ron aka LanWanMan

I just needed to get in to check my hours on one of my clients. Thank goodness I do all my work off of oDesk itself and just use the tracker, but the tracker has been acting sporadic as well that is why I was checking my hours.

Hi Suzanne,

Unfortunately we had some serious site issues affecting stability earlier today. We're back up and stable now.

You are not back up where I am. I just received a job offer, but can not access certain parts of the site to find the original posting, check out the job posting and the client, and I can not get into the message area to reply. I have questions that I need answered before accepting this offer but no way to reach the person. 


I don't want to accept this blind without more information and then have to cancel the job so what do I do?


This is really disconcerting.

Jean, how strange. I just had a similar experience and just posted about it. I have no idea what to do with the thing. I don't want a declined offer to be one of those secret "and more" that will impact my job success score!

I ended up have to decline the job offered to me. There's no job posting attached to it and it's been 18 hours since customer support escalated the issue. 


It's too bad as I would have accepted the job offer but with no info on the person or the job it's just impossible without a lot of risk to my job success score.

Sorry for this situation Jean. As noted by our Support team a little while ago, the issue you saw with this job offer was likely due to the downtime we experienced yesterday. We'll continue doing what we can to avoid these situations.

Doesn't look like you're 'back up'. I cannot access MESSAGES since yesterday (no idea how long this has been going on as I've been absent for several months) - instead of the messages list, an orange page pops up saying error 0, a technical issue and to try again later. 

I was able to see a message from a former client via Job Applications, I tried to reply BUT - yep, ERROR!

I have some extra time this month and applied to a few jobs, but what's the use if I get a response but can't see/access it?

Bad timing for my 'visit' here...oh well. 

Community Guru

I received a few invites earlier, and was able to decline one and then the site timed out. By the time I was able to come back, one of the other clients had hired someone else and withdrawn the offer, so now it looks like I have an invitation that I did not respond to.


Will this negatively affect my JS % ?

NO i dont think so it will effect your JS because the minimum time is 24 hours to response now if the client already hired some one there is nothing to do.

Community Guru

Dang forum and oDesk keep timing out on me this morning. It is really frustrating to have it keep going down. I wish oDesk would get this fixed it has been going on for months. Took 3 tries just to post a dang message.

I have been having ongoing issues ever since

Today I can’t even repost , can’t do anything with the job post.

Ace Contributor

I have the same problems the last 6 days after 3 chat sessions and support requests. I can't still see messages from some clients. I hope they will fix it soon because I would miss so far two jobs if I didn't check my "Job Application" Tab and there I was able to see the messages.