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What to do about 'Lying' clients and Long term good clients with 'no' work.


Hi Upwork Family,


I am hoping, you will suggest me what to do as I am very much hurt by a couple of things happened with clients and how my scores came down. Also, I have a couple of clients who still like to assign me work when it is available, hence, will not end the contract. I don't work anywhere else and I am worried because of these comments and scores, I won't get new clients as they will believe the written words instead of my work efficiency.


I am going to give 4 examples of lying clients:

The author planned to change the content of the book at the end of the project; before that, they asked me to add pictures and offered to pay extra. I formatted the book and even proved it is ready to upload. They wouldn't respond for days; then after a lot of follow up, I don't get paid extra for the extra work, in spite of accepting the cover design is good and it wasn't my fault 'they give a negative review'.

The client asked for simple proofreading (70k words) and mentioned everything is going well during the regular update; again no response for a week. All of the sudden the contract is paused and then again, noresponse and then ends it. At the end of the project, says - I didn't put effort at all. So, I explained it in the review, that 'I was asked for simple proofreading and someone else would work with the author again' later the client changes the 'stars' leaves me a personal message that I have changed the feedback and 'let's leave it that'.
The client is happy for months, happy with all the documents but the last one, but says that's fine, only two changes were required and all is well. Then, disappears for more than a month, after the request, he pauses the contracts and after more follow up, ends the contract and mentions that my proficiency wasn't meeting their expectations. Attachment of the last assignment. Later, I came to know that was about my knowledge related to gaming not about my language.

This client deserves a cake. In spite of clearly telling I am a native speaker (part British & part Indian) since my dad's a 'white' British and I am from England, still studying in Oxford. After writing nearly 150 articles on shorter deadlines, the client realises that I am not a native English speaker, hence must not be paid the 'usual price'.

And then we have clients who like to continue working with us - why does Upwork's algorithm, reduces our score based on this point. I believe the scores should only reflect 'stars' given by the clients on the project that has ended not on the jobs in progress.





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Evelyn, please refer to the information in the support ticket to complete your account verification. 



~ Valeria

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And now it will be the community's fault if she loses her profile. 

"Fairness is giving all people the treatment they earn and deserve. It doesn't mean treating everyone alike-Coach John Wooden"

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive" (Marmion, Sir Walter Scott)

I have spoken to all my clients and provided my sample works before I was offered the job. No one is responding to my queries. Instead, they are trying to me nail me down, make an issue and defame me. I am sure, everyone has their personal reasons to work from home and I have mine. I am a citizen of the UK and I did pursue my masters in one of the prestigious universities in the world. I have been teaching ESL too. I know the proficiency I possess. I certainly didn't need anyone to put a label on it. What type of community is this? I have asked for a video call from the support centre for the proof they would need. 


My account has been suspended because of this post. I can't pay the bill or get anything for Christmas because of this wonderful community.  I have been fighting battles that I can't even share. So, thank you, all you wonderful people. If I lose this account and my contracts and my source of income, I will not be able to see the next sunrise but that's all right. Everyone here is very nice people. I wish you all the best.



This thread has  been closed from further replies. 


Evelyn, please refer to the information in the support ticket to complete your account verification. 



~ Valeria

Hi Evelyn,

Our team has asked you to finish our video verification process that will take up to 3-4 minutes only.
Just follow the steps on the ticket created for you and if you have any questions post them there and our agent will assist you further, you can access your tickets Here.

~ Goran

Thank you for the reply. I will wait for the call.



You can protest all you like about using your phone and resultant "typos" and you can natter on about "dialects" and so on. None of the expert native English speakers here are fooled. As has been mentioned, your writing contains obvious "tells" that demonstrate that you are clearly NOT a true British native speaker of English. If you ARE, indeed, a British national, then it must be admitted that you grew up speaking some language other than the Queen's English as a mother tongue, and that, for all intents and purposes, English is your second language.


I am fairly confident that you will protest, become indignant, and contradict me. You will offer excuses for your non-native-sounding English. But I will not be convinced. I have studied linguistics, and I have worked professionally as a teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL). Your English is certainly passably fluent, but it is hardly that of a true native, British speaker.

I will be going through the verification process. Thank you.

You are really bringing this on yourself by blaming everybody else. True, it is normal to have an unsatisfied client here and there, but you have given four examples. Your profile is not accessible now so I didn't get to see any of the comments. There comes a point where you have to maybe consider you're not doing something right or misrepresenting yourself. 


You are blaming the clients, you are blaming the community.  You say you provide 100 percent error free work all the time. I take issue with that. I am very successful here, I'm good at what I do, but no one can be 100 percent error free all the time. We are humans and we all make mistakes. 

"Fairness is giving all people the treatment they earn and deserve. It doesn't mean treating everyone alike-Coach John Wooden"