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Where can I view profile client from a job offer recieved via messages

I recieved a message from a client with a job offer.

How can I view this client details like payment method, reviews, hire rates, etc etc?

When I click on the client picture I can not see his profile. How can I decide whether to accept the offer or not if I know nothing about the client? They did not post a job, from which I sent a proposal


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Try contacting the client through messages and if it doesn't work try to contact upwork customer support to about the issue

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It's hidden on purpose so you don't know exactly how many scammers roam around here unchecked, feeding UW's pockets.

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When opening the message, there is an info box "About the client". It shows the location, the rating, the number of jobs and the $-spendings (and also some more details). From my point of view, these information should be sufficient to get an idea whether it's a "real" client and not a scammer. For me, this approach worked well.

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I can no longer see anything on clients' pages past July/August 2023, and that includes feedback (including my own), recent hires, etc. 


Upwork has decided to "hide" recent and even not-so-recent info about clients. So if you're interested in learning about a client's history and feedback to decide whether to accept a job.... fuhgeddaboudit!   


Why is nobody talking about this lack of transparency?? 





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